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Milk and Flower Bath

Meet the face
behind the posts

For all the young ladies and women new to the church scene, i.e. newly saved,

I'm here to tell you,

It's Okay, Be the Man,

Just Until He Comes.


Loved by God, Peacekeeper, Saved, Mother, The World's Auntie, Author, Song Writer,  Songbird ,Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Partner,

Certified Coach, Worshipper, Confidant, & Child of God 

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Empowering women to address and eliminate the discrimination, harassment, and bullying we encounter based solely on our gender.

Say this with me...

I am what you’ve been waiting for.

I am the respite you so desperately need.

The morning that finally came.

The prayers finally seen.

I am what surviving the nightmare of night looks like.

I am the first step toward your dreams.

I am divinity at dawn,

the promise seen.

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