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You add value to a Man's Life

Did you forget how amazing you are? In my debut book, "It's Okay, Be The Man, Just Until He Comes", there are entire chapters devoted to how invaluable you are.

On my Facebook page there is a reaction video (seemingly about domestic chores) by Comedian Shuler King you must see

I love what Shuler said…

A wife and a child brings a higher value to your life.

You are now responsible for them.

I agree. Please listen to him carefully. He began with…if it works for you. He is not condemning the individuals who can afford it or need it. Start slow. You can have a laundry service pick up clothes and fold them. You can have a grocery delivery service drop off groceries. This will help you and your loved ones save time. The more time saved doing things others can do, the more time can be spent on doing what ONLY YOU CAN DO.

If you’re an entrepreneur like myself who’s blessed to run a 6 figure business, services like food delivery, laundry, Amazon, etc., allow me to still take care of my household/loved ones while simultaneously freeing up space in my brain and spirit so I can successfully fulfill my contracts.

I get both men. Shuler is explicitly explaining that there is more to it. When Shuler said, you have to have peace DWELLING within you and she has to have peace DWELLING within her and then the two of you manifest that peace in your house together, he is spot on.

Money only amplifies what’s in your heart. If a man is abusive and disrespectful before money, when he gets money, his abuse will only intensify.

So much knowledge here.

Do you prioritize delegating what others can do?

  • Yes, I find tremendous value in hiring for needed support

  • No, I'm still not delegating to where it is beneficial

Photo Credit- People Magazine

Can you relate? Want to read more?

Read more in my debut book - It's Okay, Be the MAN, Just Until He Comes, or download the Be The Man eJournals.

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