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Ain't it funny how GOD will tell you to do things HE knows will fail.

My new favorite verse!

But I know that the Pharaoh will not let go, only a great power will force him to let you go, Exodus 3:19

Ain’t it funny how God will tell you to do things He knows will fail.

Listening to Doc and Pastor Taffi Dollar during daily confessions, the Holy Spirit gave me some tear flowing comfort. He said, “Do you understand now what people mean when they say, God will set up for failures? You’re like Moses and I set you up for a lot of no’s but wait for the bigger picture.”

I’ve repeatedly heard that if something is going wrong then God ain’t in it. I’ve also repeatedly heard that if you hold on to Him during a storm, He’ll bring you through. But it’s not about if something goes wrong or if there is a storm, it’s about if God was the one who asked you to be at the beginning of that storm. Did he say go there or stand here because there’s a storm coming? If so, that’s when you know you’re in your burning bush moment.

In, during, and after my stormy moments I couldn’t figure out why He would give me permission or even ask me to walk an unpaved path, but I knew if I just keep doing what He ask…I ultimately couldn’t fail. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t terrified. It doesn’t mean I didn’t have doubts. It doesn’t mean I didn’t get anxiety filled moments and just completely fall apart. It just meant this was different and ultimately my trust in Him outweighed any indifference.

Just like Moses, GOD was fully setting me up for a lot of ’No’s’ i.e. fails because there is a BIG YES! I mean an entire plan of fail after fail after fail. Precisely planned to the tee. I heard His voice the entire time and was confused but kept moving forward.

And then that big yes.


That YES comes with exceedingly, abundantly, overwhelming power, grace, and favor FROM GOD.

This gift from permeates generations and can’t be broken.


So don’t judge or condemn me or anyone else. YOU WEREN’T THERE DURING MY BURNING BUSH. You have no idea what path God asked me to take or gave me permission to walk. You have no idea what internal pressures GOD released in me and/or my bloodline.

I’m glad I gave God time and trust Him because what I thought were No’s turned into God’s repeated Yes!

Now that I think about it, there are a couple of stories in the Bible where God asked people to do things and it seemingly fails. Then in the end…but God, and that’s just an abbreviated way of saying His glory showed out. it's so intriguing that God would plan to the tee and ask Jesus to come here and suffer to the point where He says not my will but Yours. I think it’s because of the bigger picture. Or why dot I’s and cross T’s to free the Jewish people if He knew that all of them weren’t going to make it to the Promise Land. Because of the bigger picture.

There is honor in walking the unpaved paths.

I pray you too see your burning bush moment all the way through.

Can you relate? Want to read more?

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