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Note from the Editor: Thank you for taking the time to read the inaugural edition of Be The Man Journal, and an even bigger thank you for using the content, as purposed, which is to get the conversation rolling. Being The Man is easier than you think. In fact, God made you that way. Listen, there is a man who is untouchable and unshakable living on the inside of you. Yes! There are several verses in the Bible that say Jesus is on the inside of you. Christ, the most amazing of all men to walk this Earth is on the inside of you, no matter what your gender is! Christ is there to allow your light to shine and God to be glorified. The Holy Spirit is here to help your inner Christ shine to the glory of God. Meaning, the Holy Spirit is here to help you win souls over to God’s Kingdom. So, when I say be the man until he comes, I mean be like the man who died for all our sins. Be Christ-like, just until He returns. This is in all honesty, who you were created to be. 

Be The Man eJournal - Inaugural Edition

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  • Be The Man Journal—  Inaugural 2022 issue explores a fresh perspective on what teenagers and women need to talk about. BTM is a quarterly magazine by Latoya Michelle Hopwood containing inspiration for life guided by God. Useful as a resource and guide designed to get the conversation going about living a life that is exceedingly, abundantly, and above all we can ask or think. Be the Man Journal contains scriptures, stories, recipes, tips, and useful information women of God will refer back to again and again. Bonus - there is a notes page! Use your stylus pen and jot away! 

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