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This women's equality and empowerment book offers powerful and practical tools to amplify that there is a GREAT MAN living inside of us TOO. You'll explore facts that HE made us equal to the throne, equal to the gifts, and equal in our homes. You'll be empowered to grow into the game changer you are and if that means you must take on what a broken society says are male characteristics, then guess what? Through this book, you will get the skills and healing you need to scream, "GIVE ME HIS TIE, PASS ME HIS PANTS, AND MOVE WHILE GOD DOES THE REST!". No longer willing to live in an unequal church, world, and home, women confront male privilege and are done with embracing roles solely based on their gender. We TOO embrace the OTHER P's.

WE TOO ARE PROTECTORS WE TOO ARE PROVIDERS WE TOO ARE PATHWAY MAKERS Women are not limited to just passion and peace. There is no denying the fact that relationships can be hard. But gender-binding rules in a law-abiding church, amplify stereotypes, degrade women, and guarantees brokenness. WE TOO are capable! We TOO are capable to lead and wise enough to follow. But what we will not do is what on a man to be everything God called us to be. You'll learn in

"From the PULPIT to THE HILL...From the BOARD ROOM to the WAR ROOM...FROM THE BEDROOM to the DINING ROOM, we "new" Christians are sick and tired of these gender games! Thanks to social media, we've heard a new song. This ain't your grandmother's sermon! WE are made as EQUALS and will be treated as such." Latoya Michelle Hopwood

how to manage the stresses of life as a young Christian woman. When God does send us a man, we will share in God-given responsibilities and together we will blur the lines of gender rules so we can amplify the glory of God's Kingdom!

LATOYA MICHELLE HOPWOOD, MPA, is a CEO, certified coach, educator, public speaker, trainer, author, songwriter, entrepreneur, and mom. She is the founder of her implementation science firm where she works to diminish inequalities in gender, race, and religion.

It's Okay, Be The Man, Just Until He Comes

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  • Get this 8 chapter book! #BTM #GodsLittleRedBook #ISeeRED

    Women of God, for some reason God has purposed me to tell you that YOU ARE A GAME CHANGER and without a doubt, you can do anything you set your mind to and there is no reason for you to sit around waiting on anyone to live your fullest life. That is what I mean when I say, Be The Man!

    This eight chapter book will encourage, inspire, & motivate you to be the Child of God you are! Topics include Prayer, Love, Men to Keep Away, and Men to Love, Sex, Hygiene, Blended Families, & More! 

    We are GAME Changers and it doesn't what gender we were born or society thinks of us, there is the MOST POWERFUL MAN living on the inside of us and Ladies, it is your birthright to Be Him!

    Let's Be The Man, Just Until He Comes! 

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