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God's Greatest Gift: Power of Movement

You have been given the #power to move.

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Power of Movement

“Imagine your mind, body, and spirit being trapped in a place where it never moved, never grew, never realized, never had ah-ha moments, or never moved from chaos to #peace. No, thank you! Thank #God we have the power to move.”

Before listening and applying what I learned in a #relationship-based church (because there’s a huge difference between hearing life-changing word and listening/applying life-changing word), all I heard was devil-fed lies! I felt so relieved to know there were women out here, in real-time,

handling their business, with or without a man. I honestly thought I needed a man to complete me especially since I was told I am the “quintessential daddy issues girl.” Can you believe that? But they were right! I am a Daddy’s Girl. I’m God’s baby girl and I breathe, and I move like I am every day!

I thank God I was in church the day I realized I was being fed lies. It took one encounter with the Holy Spirit and suddenly, I felt like a stagehand at a magic show.

It was as if someone pulled down the curtain so I can clearly see the evil behind the lies that say, “You’re from a broken home because your mom and dad aren’t together. However, it was all just smoke and mirrors. Smoke and mirrors people!

Have you ever thought of movement as a gift?

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Can you relate? Want to read more?

Read more in my debut book - It's Okay, Be the MAN, Just Until He Comes, or download the Be The Man Inaugural ejournal.


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