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Some Men Actually Hate You

The men who hate women and why they hate you.

In Chapter 4 of my debut book, "It's Okay, Be the Man, Just Until He Comes", I write about the 4 men you should avoid at all cost. This article explains the fifth type of male you should never get into a relationship with - The man who hates women.

Some men actually hate you

Did you know there is a defining difference between a grown male and a man? A grown male wears a man's suit like a costume. He knows when to take it off and put it on, but he will never grow into it because he wants to look like a man and wants the benefits of a man but his mind and is that of a boy. He is the type of man that is a just a grown male, i.e. the type of man that hates women.

Be Careful Ladies. Some men actually hate you. They hate that you want them to be the man in the relationship. They hate that they should be taking care of you and not the opposite. They hate that a good man WILL eventually find you and now they have to restart with someone else. They think women are too much work.

Whewww Chileeeee...I will say this with confidence,

watch how he treats you when it comes to money.

I believe a man should take care of everything financially because that's what men do. And before you project your low standards or lack of boundaries on me, I'm a single mom and I took and still take care of everything. Explain this, you go to these men's apartments/homes and they pay for everything, but the moment you move in it's, "Can we do 50/50?" or "You make more than me so you should pay more." No Sir! Keep the energy that brought me to you.

Listen, money is the least of things but a window into the most of things...correction...ALL of things! Read that again.

If in his heart he is committed to his family, then that's where all his money will go. If in his heart he is committed to gambling, then that's where all his money will go. Money is just a conduit to what's in your heart. You use it for either unselfish or selfish reasons.

And if you need money your woman is not your first stop or an option at all. Take her and your female relatives off the table. Go to your village of men or go MAKE a village of men. Ya'll figure that out amongst yourselves. God is the One who allows money to flow. ASK HIM FIRST! But no one wants to believe in Him until something drastic happens. Thank God HE is full of grace because mine is at half a tank!

Also, LISTEN to this man carefully ( - visit my facebook page and watch the video on Men Who Hate Women), all he is saying is STOP MAKING FUN OF REAL MEN just because you are not doing what they are doing. You see him and his wife in two new Mercedes', two or three beautiful homes, she's always smiling, he's always smiling, he takes care of the entire bill for everyone when they dine out, vacay, or just chill at home...

don't get mad...get inquisitive!

Go ask him. But instead these men prefer not to man up and will stick to what temporarily works. The performance of a lifetime begins. They will make it their business to hang their heads low, not make eye contact with you and/or sit on the edge of your bed either before, during, or after intimacy and say the infamous words;

  • Bae, you know I'm trying my best.

  • I want to do better.

  • If you can give me more time.

  • Just carry us for a little while.

  • You know my father left me and my mom.

  • I just can't get a break.

  • Nobody loves me but you.

And the academy award goes to. Ladies, please don't fall for this. Let's think about this logically. Your man knows Valentines day is coming up because it comes every year. The same way he knows about Christmas, your anniversary or your birthday. Those dates come every year. Every year. Read that again. So you couldn't save enough to get her flowers or a romantic candlelit dinner for a date that comes around every year? Lies. You don't want to do it and the plan is to go from woman to woman, look like a sad puppy and begin the scene all over again.

Another problem is we want to glorify the LONGGGGGGGG line of single parents in our families' bloodlines for their strength and perseverance but not acknowledge the LONNNGGGGGG line of men who take care of their families! Uplift them too! And I'm not hating on single parents, I'm one. Our Forever President came from a single-parent home. What I am saying is there are men out here who take care of their families and guess what? Their father, grandfather, and great-grandfather DID IT TOO!

I applaud these men! Thank God for you! Keep taking complete care of your families! Keep being great! If GOD opens doors for me to successfully take care of EVERYTHING financially for my family, HE WILL DO IT FOR YOU! Just talk to HIM.

Can you relate? Want to read more?

Read more in my debut book - It's Okay, Be the MAN, Just Until He Comes, or download the eJournals.

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